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  Instant $200 savings on $600 flight+hotel purchases to Mexico at Expedia!

SAVE! Up to 50%
on Rooms, Food & Beverage, even Tours & Activities.
Are you ready to receive discounts up to 50% off of retail rates on all accommodations, food & beverage items, and tour & activity packages available at Costa Baja Hotel? If so, then our Preferred Guest Program is for you. Best of all, you can begin receiving the discounts and benefits the moment you become a member, not after a long period of frequent travel like most reward programs. Members receive special welcome gifts and full access to our Concierge services upon each arrival.

Worldwide Savings
The Costa Baja Preferred Guest Program is affiliated with the Trading Places International © network of hundreds of resorts and hotels in 12 different countries where you can immediately apply your membership benefits and begin receiving discounts up to 50% on accommodations.

Everyone Benefits
Corporate businesses, frequent travelers, and vacationing families can all take advantage.

Families – The need for a less expensive vacation has never been so important for most families. The Preferred Guest Program at Costa Baja provides huge discounts at every point of sale on the property, Ensenada is a close, drive to international destination for tens of millions of families, and the Trading Places International © network gives your family access to culture and adventure in 12 different countries around the world.

Frequent Travelers – Ensenada has become a favorite and regular destination for many people, if you are one of those persons then the Costa Baja Preferred Guest Program is for you. Take advantage of the discounts on room nights, food & beverages, and tour & activity packages that we have to offer. And don’t forget, your membership can also be used at hundreds of other resorts and hotels in 12 different countries around the world for accommodation discounts of up to 50%.

Corporate Businesses - For those business travelers and employees regularly coming to Ensenada, this program will save your company money and provide a home away from home when your here on business. We understand the needs of traveling business persons and will provide the amenities and support necessary to help you capitalize on your business trip while staying with us. In addition to all the other personalized and money saving benefits this program has to offer, an onsite Business Center will be coming in 2009.

Membership Packages

Please contact us for Preferred Guest Program details.

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